Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why I don't vote Democrat.

Sometimes I feel like life would be easier voting Democrat. It certainly the popular thing to do right now. Hollywood is pretty left. A lot of the media is pretty left. Most colleges are left. Even my profession is considerably left leaning. Why would I vote Republican?

***Disclaimer: No. Republicans are not perfect. There are things they do that make me want to hammer nails into my skull, but they are more aligned with the subjects that are important to me.****

Personal Responsibility: I'm a strong advocate of "you reap what you sow" If you work hard and mind your P's and Q's, I believe that life will treat you well. I don't want government to bail me out. I don't want government to bail you out if you make a mistake. That's part of life.

I'm the one that is responsible to make sure I have health insurance. I'm the one that is responsible for making sure I read the fine print on a mortgage and not borrow more than I can afford. I'm the one that is responsible for making sure that my neighbor is not starving to death and can heat his home. NOT Government. Government should watch out for people taking advantage of us or attacking us..... that's about it. Democrats love to let government take over a lot of these problems for us. Universal Health Care. Retirement benefits through Social Security. Welfare. Medicare. Medicaid. ETC. Etc. Don't you worry.... we'll take care of it. Leave it up to the massive buearacracies. Really?

All I can say is... No thanks! I want government to stay away from me as much as possible. Lower my taxes and get back!

*****SIDE NOTE ON WELFARE******You want to help the poor? Don't give them money. Give them a job! Give them work. Give them skills. You give a man a fish and he'll be hungry the next day. You teach a man to fish and he'll never go hungry again. *******

Abortion: I am Pro-Choice. Not Pro-Choice choose to have an abortion. I believe that you have a choice. That is to have sex or not. That was your choice. Not only did you choose to have sex, but you chose to have un-protected sex. Oooops... now your pregnant. Really!? Sex actually leads to pregnancy!? Who would've thought? Now you want to kill that baby because it is going to inconvenience you in some way. No. You don't want it. Put it up for adoption after it's born. Parents who are desperate for a baby are waiting up to 2 years and going to China to get a kid.

If that choice is taken from you, as in cases of rape or molestation, then I believe that you can choose if you want to have an abortion or not. Your freedom of choice was taken from you. You may now choose to have that baby or not.

Democrats are pro-choice, abort a baby, that's your right. What about the baby's rights? You made your choice... now give your baby a chance to make someone else very happy and make choices of their own.

: I believe a strong military is the key to prosperity. We are able to protect our self-interests and those of our allies. I don't believe that Dems think we should have a weak military. I do feel that Democrats don't feel the military is as important as it is in today's world. I grew up with Clinton shutting down base after military base. Now we're stretched thin. If we hadn't closed up so many bases we would have been able to handle both Iraq and Afghanistan without a problem. I also get the feeling that the more far left leaning Democrats really do not like the military in any way. They see them as a great evil spreading war upon the land. If we didn't have such a great military, there would be even more war upon the land... and in our backyards.

Nationalism: Also known as Patriotism. Whoa whoa whoa.... you are going to tell me that Democrats aren't patriotic!? No. I'm not. There are plenty of Dems that are patriotic. I feel that the way we view our country is completely different. Democrats have a glass half empty view of our nation. We are not liked.. we need to change our image.... we need to be more like X country.... we are too aggressive.. we're not involved in the global community enough... we're too greedy... we are destroying the planet... etc. And what do they propose we do to change that? Let the government fix it! That's right. Obama and his Democratic Congress are going to change that. Really? The government?

I see it as a nation with a glass half full. We are an amazing nation. We have done more for our fellow man than any nation in this world. We are the liberators of concentration camps, countries and the oppressed. We have fought at the 4 corners of the earth defending nations against tyrants. We could've sat it out, but we didn't. We are a nation that has brought more economic wealth to the world than any nation ever. Have we made mistakes along the way? Yes. We are not a perfect nation, but we are a great nation. The reason we are a great nation is because of WE THE PEOPLE. If we want this nation to be better, if we want to be viewed by the world as a great nation, then WE THE PEOPLE need to change. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and our country and stop trying to pass the buck onto the government. If we don't do that, then no political party will be able to change that... no, not even Obama.

Economics: Tax the rich! Even the playing field! Right? Equality for everyone, despite their job. Doctors and Lawyers shouldn't make more than their secretaries. Tax them more so that it evens it up. Everyone the same. aka SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM.

Ok. Tax the rich. Who creates businesses? Poor people? Nope. Rich people. Who spends more money to create business? Rich People. Who provides loans to small businesses? Who hires people? Who pays those wages? Poor people? Nope. Rich people.

They take the risk. They invest the money. They work pretty damn hard to make it to where they are and now you want to take that away from them? Why would they want to go through all that risk and work just to give it to the government? Why wouldn't they go to Ireland where it's cheaper to run a business and make money? You tax the rich, you lose jobs. Raising anyone's taxes will only hurt the economy. It takes that money out of the economy and puts it into the governments hands.

You want a strong economy? Put more money into the economy. Give everyone tax breaks. EVERYONE. Rich, poor, middle class, businesses big and small. Get that money circulating.

Wrap up: These are my views. This is what is important to me at this time. We can't continue down this path of dependence on the government. We have to take charge of our own affairs and watch out for ourselves and our neighbors. I'm not rich. In fact I'm poor right now. But I know that this country gives me the opportunity to become rich. This is one of the rare countries where I know that I can become something even though right now I'm an average Joe. I love this country and I'm going to continue to fight to make it better. That means getting involved. We can do it. WE THE PEOPLE!

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Marty W. Jensen said...

Well said on all counts.

Regarding taxes going to the government: certain taxes going to the government cease to circulate, as they do in commerce. In other words, money spent investing in a business venture adds value; money used by government to hand out to people adds no value.