Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health care reform's suckiness

I'm pretty sure I invented that word.

Suckiness; noun, meaning to suck so badly that it deserves a title or label.

Health care reform is a good thing. I'm not against it in general. I just can't believe how far off base Washington has become. We're creating this huge entitlement program in the middle of a recession people! Companies stand to lose millions of dollars if they keep their current workforce. What do you think they'll do? I hope you brushed up on your Spanish or Mandarin because you will need to learn how to say Si, Senor if you want to still be working.

My prediction. Stock market will drop like a rock tomorrow. Good luck in November Dems!

Biggest reasons I'm not happy with this crap sandwich of a bill.

1) Cost. I know you don't want to hear this but when the national debt is over $12trillion dollars and rising, not to mention the recession, this is important. $940 billion for the first 10 years. What they don't tell you is that the plan isn't even enacted until 2013. So 3 years of tax collection without any services is the only thing from making this cost much much more. So despite the gimmick. It's going to be expensive at a bad time.

2)$450 billion cut from Medicare to go into subsidies for people making under $88k per year to buy insurance. Most of those cuts are coming from provider reimbursement cuts. So if you see a lot of Medicare patients, you'll be making a LOT less money. I can't understand why someone making $80k can't buy their own insurance anyhow. Also, expect a lot of doctors to stop taking Medicare patients, which is legal. You can refuse service, which is already starting to happen.

3)Cost comparative and effectiveness board. It's a bureaucracy panel that determines which treatments are most effective for the best price. This is to save money overall. So like Seth said, instead of getting radiation and drugs, you lose your jaw. You're still alive and it's cheaper. This will also depend on lobbyists and who can convince this board what is best for patients. How do you think chiropractors will fair when AMA lobbyists start getting involved? This is going to hurt.

4) Individual mandate. Everyone has to buy insurance whether they want it or not starting 2016. If you don't you face a fine of $695 or 2.5% of your income, whichever is greater. Also included in this particular plan is a chunk of money set aside to expand the IRS. They will be the ones enforcing the fine.

Companies will also have to pay fines for not paying for health insurance. Up to $2000 per employee. What was once a perk or benefit is now a mandate. Do you think companies won't ship those jobs to China or Mexico to cut cost?

5) Insurance companies cannot refuse or charge more for people with pre-existing conditions. This sounds good in theory, but it means that premiums for everyone will rise. So that guy that sits around playing Nintendo all day smoking and eating Twinkies will only have to pay the same amount as his neighbor who eats right, exercises and only goes to the doctor for checkups. How is that a good thing? Shouldn't people be held somewhat accountable for their decisions? And shouldn't people who make good decisions be able to benefit from that?

I'm all for health reform. But this particular bill was not only off target, but I think it will be pretty harmful to this country in general for a long time coming.

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Marty Jensen said...

Let's add to your suckiness list the following:

(1) This is forced charity; to take from some people to give to others.

(2) This is socialism (a bad and dangerous form of government - read your history - Russia, Eastern Europe, China, etc).

(3) This is yet another unconstitutional and illegal power grab by the Federal government--they have no authority to legislate in the area of health care.

(4) This is a giant step farther down the slippery slope of lost liberty. What's next?

(5) This is another example of unresponsive, elitist, and tyrannical government; Americans don't want this, but hey, Nancy, Harry, and Barry know better than we do what's good for us.

(6) This is yet another irresponsible act of Congress: a bill passed before it was read, debated, and understood.

(7) This is proof that Washington is not protecting our liberties, but rather, re-distributing our hard-earned money to make things "fairer" for some people--but of course, Congress and the President are not participating.