Monday, January 7, 2008

Fred on the Factor

Fred comes onto Bill O'Reilly's show and lays out his policies and viewpoints.


Marty said...

Hmm, thus far I've only been watching Romney and perhaps putting a little too much blind faith in our common religion.

It's time I looked at other candidates - I appreciate your blog -
I'll take a look at Fred . . .

Have you listened to Ron Paul? He's a straight-talker as well, but he gets bashed a lot.

I like you, aren't particularly interested in professional politicians. I'm more interested in professionals who become politicians.

Luckedout said...

It's hard not to jump up and support Mitt when he shares a common belief, but I feel that the country needs someone who is honest, straight forward and will tell you how it is no matter how politically expedient it may be. Our country has suffered enough through the Clinton and Bush years of cloak room politics