Monday, January 14, 2008

Race baiting and the war on drugs

As the political scene is heating up before the next slew of primary elections begin, the Democratic campaigns are turning ugly. Obama supporters are charging Clinton of being racist for saying that Lyndon Johnson was the one that finally got Civil Rights for blacks by pushing it through Congress (which he did) instead of MLK doing it through his walks, strikes, speeches and death. (Which he didn't) She didn't disparage him in the least, but that's not what Obamites like to hear.

On the other had Clinton never fails to bring up Obama's drug use (which he did and admits it) or the fact that he has no experience (which neither of them do, unless you count watching what your husband did at his job then claiming you can do it too).  They also tend to trump the classic sexist card. Hillary as the first woman to be president, breaking barriers etc etc. That should be my reason for voting for her? So women can say we have had a president too? What kind of qualification is that?

Democrats and their candidates need to be careful. If this race gets tight, which it probably will be, then things could get really ugly which could turn off a lot of independent voters. Remember, no party has a clear majority. Both right and left depend on garnering that all so important independent vote. If the race gets too ugly, independents might be turned off to Democrats and start listening to the Republicans battle over taxes and immigration... which as dull as that sounds is much more appealing than listening to frantic calls of racism or dredging up past sins.

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