Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Health care in U.K. vs. U.S.

A national health care system vs. a free market health care system.

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This is something that hits close to home since I'm in the health care industry. I'm not saying that nothing should be done, but the last thing that should be done is have our inefficient government take over something so important. They can't keep Medicare and Medicaid out of bankruptcy, let alone Social Security. Why would we trust them to take it over completely!? Regulation.... depends. Take it over... provide health care coverage? NO!

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Sterling said...

Hi, nursing student here.

There has to be a way to provide universal care through government that meets the needs of people more effectively than our current system. Everyone knows the current system is broken. When you say "NO!", I'm hearing: "it needs to be done effectively."

Then efforts need to be put into exploring how to implement universal healthcare in a way that will be sustainable and meet the needs of both healthcare workers and patients. This issue is so amazingly huge and complex. Exploring what all is broken in our current system and how to put together universal healthcare or something like it, something that will fix the broken system is a movement in itself. What isn't working and what will work in terms of a healthcare system needs to be explored, fleshed out and that information acted upon. Then we can say "YES!"

WeCanDoBetter.org is a movement aimed at getting a meaningful discussion going about what needs to be changed in our healthcare system.

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