Monday, September 8, 2008


Palinmania is sweeping the country. Whether you love her or hate her, you are talking about her. Many in the news are trying to vilify her while the Republicans vaunt her to the echelons of the Gods.

My opinion. Love her. She represents everything that Obama/Biden and even McCain try to be. A real person who really understands what everyday middle America goes through.

Obama and his Ivy League education and multi-million dollar house doesn't understand us. He claims we cling to our guns and religion to his millionaire friends or mingles with celebrities who pay $30,000 a plate to eat at Jon Bon Jovi's house.

Biden has been in Washington longer than almost anyone. He's been there longer than McCain. If Obama is trying to change Washington, why did he pick a guy that is practically a keystone to Washington and a Congress with a 9% approval rating. He obviously doesn't speak for those of us no entrenched in Washington.

I will even argue that McCain does not get us. He's married to a millionaire and has been in the Senate for 20+ years. He comes from a family with a rich military history. His grandfather and father were both Admirals in the Navy. He's never really been part of middle America.

McCain's pick of Sarah Palin is politically brilliant. He understood that he couldn't connect with the American public. He knew that Obama was connecting with the American public through his speeches, but that we don't know him well enough to trust him. So who does he pick? His buddy Liebermann? That would be as bad as picking Biden. Romney? Yeah right, the American public is not going to connect with the millionaire and many still have problems with his religion. So he picks a little known governor of Alaska. Why?

Sarah Palin is genuine. She is a real, middle American who has been thrust into politics by standing up against entrenched politicans and corruption. She's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in the form of a woman. She was in the PTA, became a city council member, mayor and then Governor. She has an approval rating of over 80% in Alaska which is unheard of for any politician. She has a young family with real American family problems. She's tough and she's not the ideal politician, feminist or media darling.

After the pick the media began to rip into her. They questioned her marriage, her family, her baby, her kids and daughter. It was unlike anything I've seen. This was the speech that she gave after 4 days of these attacks.

McCain/Palin '08!!!


Madi said...

ya she is genuine - a genuine bitch. I can't stand her. Sorry but I can't. I'm saddened that you love her so. Oh well :) I have to love you anyway right??

Luckedout said...

Tell me what makes her a bitch? The fact that she cut out billions of wasteful spending? Sold the over-the-top jet? Or the fact that she truly connects with the American public, a thing which Obama has tried to do, but hasn't been able to seal the deal, allowing for Palin to pounce?

Brein said...


Didn't you see that Palin was FOR the "bridge to nowhere" BEFORE she was against it? At first while running for Governor she said she "would not stand in the way of progress" (referring to the bridge) but when it became unpopular, she could not wait to say "thanks but no thanks" Oh, and the money (300 million) was never given back, it was allocated somewhere else in Alaska!

Also, yes she sold the jet (for a loss to a contributor of hers-not EBAY. And she charged the state of Alaska for Per Diem for going home every night (which was 40 miles). Now, anyone I know does not make Per Diem until they are 90 miles away or more!

Not to mention that in 2001, the great Senator of Arizona rallied against a bill that had large earmarks set to go to Wasilla (oddly enough, the mayor of Wasilla was named Sarah Palin)...So is she against wasteful spending?

But in my opinion what makes her a "bitch" is that fact that she makes fun of Obama for being a community organizer! How can you make fun of someone for being such a selfless person? Because it doens't warrant the experience she had of a small town mayor? Seriously?! Is there another word for it? ;)

Hello Bill... meet Jean.... lol!

Luckedout said...

She chooses to make fun of community organizing, because he touts that as experience for the highest executive job in the land. He has no executive experience. None.

Yes she claimed earmarks for Wasilla, and earmarks in Alaska, but she cut earmarks to Alaska almost in half in her 2 years as Governor.

Obama increased his earmarks each year he was in office. He's requested almost $1 billion in earmarks as a Jr. Senator! What is he going to cost us as President?

You want to talk charging the public for transportation fees while leaving out the millions of dollars Obama fed into corrupt Chicago politics. Or how about the land deal funded by his felon friend Rezko?

Madi said...

Im sorry but I cannot listen to someones speach when all they can do is rag on their opponant. I was watching Palin's speach and that is all she did. She threw in a few tid bits here and there but other then that - nada. And ya, making fun of Obama for being a community organizer is bull shit. I know that it's not the highest executive job and all that but it's still something. And referring to our myspace convo - I don't believe that anyone is qualified enough to be President. Seriously! No one is good enough to be in that position but unfortunately we gotta throw someone in. Im not big on how little or how much experience someone has Im interested in what they have to say. Breezy summed up what I was going to say about Palin on her politics so Im not gonna re-hash. Just wanted to ad that she uses the fact that she has a son in Iraq, a baby with downs, and that she is a small town gal to her advantage. Personally Im not all for voting for the gal next door to be my vice president.

Luckedout said...

Here's a link to Obama's DNC speech. Listen to it. Then maybe re-think your opinion on Palin's speech.

Or here's a link of Obama's latest commercial.

Why can't McCain use a computer or email? Oh yeah, the arthritis he developed after his POW stint makes it difficult for him to type. So he has his wife or staffers write his emails for him.

Don't dump on Palin for making fun of Obama when Obama is just as guilty if not more so for making fun of his opponents.

Madi said...

we all know he is a war vet - that does not qualify him to be President

Madi said...

Ya I totally agree with that commercial we can't afford more of the same - things gotta change, we can't just keep doin the same thing and hope it gets better. I watched his speach already and I loved it. He "bashed" in a more tactful way and in a gentler way. I love him still.

Luckedout said...

Madi said "Im sorry but I cannot listen to someones speach when all they can do is rag on their opponant."

then says

"I watched his speach already and I loved it. He "bashed" in a more tactful way and in a gentler way."

I believe the point being he bashed/ragged whatever. I can't help that you like him but I don't see why you are even voting for him. HE is more of the same. He has been in the Senate for 2 years and has done NOTHING to change Washington. Then he decides to run for President and suddenly he is going to change things? How? He hasn't done anything to change politics EVER!

Look at McCain. He has never asked for a single earmark in his 20+ year career. Obama has asked for almost $1 billion dollars in 2 years! McCain has brought reform in campaign finance, and accepted public financing. Obama said he was going to accept it and then decided to 'change' his mind.

Look at Palin. She reformed Alaskan politics which is notoriously corrupt. She has an approval rating of over 80% for the past 2 years as Governor. No governor EVER has done that. What has Biden done in 30 years at the Senate? Nothing. He doesn't have anything accredited to his career except his numerous attempts to run for President.

You want change, but where is it at? Where has he shown that he can truly change things? I can give numerous examples of both McCain and Palin bucking the typical Washington trend and even going against their own party. Obama has done nothing. He even refused to vote on controversial reform bills.

Give me concrete evidence of his change. No offense Madi but this isn't a beauty pageant. We don't vote on someone because he 'talks good' or because he's got a sparkling personality. We vote for the person who is ready to lead our nation. It's too big to let your vote go to waste.

Madi said...

I'm very well aware that this is not a beauty pageant Benjamin. However I just can't wrap my head around McCain and his campaign. You say he has never asked for earmarks in his career but look a Palin! A little bit of a contradiction if you ask me.

What I guess I was trying to say is that McCain and Palin rag on Obama in a pretty harsh way and it doesn't feel like Obama acts the same. First they give him crap for not fighting back and now they give him crap for fighting back. What do you Republicans want?

Just because Obama has not made any big changes in Washington yet doesn't mean that he was sitting on his ass the whole time, he was trying to get things done.

You know some of our greatest presidents did not push through big things or had a lot of political experience before being president, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, doesn't mean that he won't be able to do great things

By the way, Im an undecided party.

Luckedout said...

Again with Palin!? You do realize that she cut earmark spending in Alaska by half! She didn't request earmarks as Governor.. sure as Mayor, but honestly how much does a town get? A million maybe? Obama asked for $1 billion in earmarks.

Obama's whole campaign is based on the fact that he is bringing about new politics and that he is going to reform Washington and bring about a big 'change.' I just find that argument completely incredulous considering he's had plenty of time to attempt change, and hasn't done a single thing. Now that he's running for Prez he's suddenly the agent of change? Right...

I wouldn't mention his attacks on McCain or Palin if YOU hadn't brought it up as a reason not to vote for McCain. I don't think McCain has been more vicious, his arguments are more effective. These are real doubts that people have about Obama. Bringing them to light makes people uncomfortable. Which is working since Obama looks like a floundering fish right now.

Could he be different in office? Maybe. But it's not worth the risk to see if he learns on the job. I would rather have an experienced leader in charge in case something like the upheavals thrown on Reagan, JFK and Abe happen. They all had a LOT more experience than Obama does now.

He might be a great candidate in 10-12 years if he ever decides to do something in politics instead of running for a higher office every couple of years.