Friday, September 19, 2008


This subject has been popping up. While in Illinois, Obama voted and spoke against a bill that would provide care for fetuses that had been aborted, but survived the abortion to be born alive. At the time the fetuses were simply left to die. His argument against it was that it did not provide a neutrality clause. The measure failed, but a federal bill was brought up while Obama was in the US Senate. Obama's own committee placed a neutrality clause in the federal bill, which Obama then voted against. Luckily the bill passed.

Why do I bring this up? Obama is attacking John McCain with this ad:

That despicable liar John McCain... right? Wait.. he didn't even put out the ad!? That's right. A PAC for born alive advocats put out the ad. Not McCain.

And just in case you don't believe me. Here is a recording of Obama arguing against the bill because he thought that bringing in a 2nd doctor to take care of the infant would put too much burden on the person who is having the abortion.

Whose really despicable here?

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