Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama blocks troop withdrawals

via The New York Post

According the the Iraqi Foreign Minister, while Obama was in Iraq he told the nation's leaders to stop dealing with the President and his Generals and wait till after the election. What's wrong with this you ask? First of all, it almost smacks of treason. He didn't go far enough, but the man was clearly in the wrong. Senators are not authorized to deal with any foreign negotiations. This undermines the chain of command.

Second, if Obama really wants the troops out of Iraq asap, why is he stalling negotiations that will allow them to leave? Answer: He's banking on winning the election and then being able to claim victory in Iraq. He's politicized the war and the troops that are currently in harms way. He doesn't truly believe that pulling the troops out is important... unless it wins him votes.

Did Obama's camp deny this? Nope. They can't because there were witnesses. They essentially confirm it in their press release. via HotAir, plus McCain's response.

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