Monday, September 22, 2008

Kids: Argument for having them

I decided to part from politics to talk about my kids. I'm a proud dad of 2 beautiful boys. They are still young and still get excited to see me. When I come home they yell "Daaaaaaddy!!!" The oldest runs to give me a hug and the youngest (very much a mama's boy) walks over to see what the fuss is about.

I never pictured myself as a Dad. I never felt ready for kids. I still don't feel ready for kids after having two of them. Maybe that's the wonderful thing about kids. They give back so much more than they take from us. We can make claims that money, clothes and houses are needed first and then kids, but to do so would rob us of a greater joy than any material possessions. Just hearing my kids call out when I come home is worth more than any house.


Brein said...

Hooray! Finally something we agree on! :D I LOVE my kids AND yours! They make the crazy life worth while.

Franklin Family said...

Tender. Seriously, I teared up on this one.